Friday, September 19, 2008

10 Years Ago Today

I married my best friend. And I'm thankful everyday that I still am...

I'm the first to admit, there are times (and days) that I could just ring his neck! It's those little things he does....and I'm sure you all know what I mean. But when I think about life without him, I realize that it would be those little things that I'd miss the most. I can't imagine my life without him. He's my greatest supporter...he believes in me more than I believe in myself sometimes. And he's a wonderful father. Always making time for the kids....playing ball in the yard, going for bike rides, taking them to the park. He's the best.
We need a new's been a while! That's what happens when I continutally hide behind the camera!

Yesterday I turned 35. I'm not depressed or anything...afterall, I'll always be much younger than my hubby! :) But it did get me to thinking....I'm like half way through my life. That's kinda sobering. Have I done what I set out to do? Am I doing all I can to live the way I be the woman that my Lord created me to be?

I feel as though I've accomplished what's most important. I've created a marriage that brings me joy, security, and partnership. And from that marriage, we've been blessed with wonderful and beautiful children. So, yes. I've really accomplished all that is important.

I admit, changes are needed in my life. My weight is out of control, and brings me sadness much of the time. I certainly would like to simplify the physical aspect of my life...less clutter and stuff. More time for God is needed. And I always feel that I need to improve my parenting and teaching.

But at 35, I'm happy. Confident with my life and who I am. Still learning what needs to be improved...and what needs to be accepted. But happy. :)

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Kelly said...

Hey Man! Love the blog....want to start one of my own one of these days...Like when I have time! HA! Anyway, Happy Anniversary! Hope you got the cards! Read the rest of your sound SO DOWN! Sorry to hear everything that's been going on! I had to be the one to end it for Aja too - absolutely sucked! You know I'm here for you if you wanna talk! Glad about the rest of the fam and the new additions though. Hang-in and hope to talk to you soon!
Love, Kel