Thursday, August 20, 2009

So tired...

It could be could be no nap this could be the rainy weather today. Who knows. I'm just pooped. The girls had dentist appointments today and then we did the grocery shopping. No cavities...which should be a given seeing as though they haven't had ANY sugar in 4 months! But braces may be looming in Alana's future. Ugh.

And I also picked up my new glasses. Mine were from early 2001 (before Erin was born, I believe) so I thought it was about time to get my eyes checked again...that, and my lenses were pretty beat up. Well, my bad side had stayed the same, but my good side had made a slight move to catch up with the bad yes, my prescription had changed, but just a tiny bit. I hate doing anything that involves me and mirrors, so the girls had to help me pick them up. You can all blame them if I look like a dork! :) I'm excited cuz this time I actually paid for the transitions lenses (I have very sun-sensitive eyes). Can't wait to try 'em!

Life feels a little chaotic lately. Over the past couple of weeks, we researched and soul-searched over two opportunities to purchase scrapbook kit website stores. I'd like to be able to help Barry in supporting the family, without taking too much time away from my family. We decided that in this economy, any financial risk, no matter how small, was too much. That, and I wouldn't truly have any control over my time demands. So, we've decided that I will FINALLY pursue selling my cards on etsy I've put it off so long...mostly due to fear of failure and rejection. But, I'll never know til I try. So, we're in the prep stages...I'll let you know when I go live! :)

Also on the stress-o-meter is a church issue. Our church is a member of the ELCA, which just last night voted to adopt a social statement that totally conflicts with my beliefs. It was just the final straw, so to speak, as I had been struggling for a while with "am I a Lutheran?" So, we'll be changing churches. It's sad, really, as most of my local friends are there...same for the girls. But, luckily, God has put a support system in place for me, and I have a church to go to. What appeared as God answering a prayer for needed spiritual support with a group of women to share Bible study with, has actually become "a soft place to fall". I am truly blessed. It still won't be easy. I'll have to leave "the known", comfort and familiarity, friends...and may face persecution for my decision. Luckily, I have by my side my Savior...and several translations of His Word for support! :)

On the lighter side...since every blog post needs a's one I did of our fat cat, Zach. The pic doesn't do it justice...there's glitter and bling galore! He's so beautiful.

Well, I'm going to attempt some card-making. I'll see if I can keep my eyes open! Have a great weekend, and God bless!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome to our family!

After a "way too short" night's sleep, we were off to Eau Claire to finish off our birthday Petco to get new pets. Alana wanted a guinea pig and Erin wanted a gerbil. But after "trying" to hold a gerbil, Erin decided on a guinea pig, too...they're a lot calmer. Their main purpose in life is to hide and cuddle. My kind of pet! :)

So far, the cats are bored with or scared of them...and Cassie wants them...bad! So, Cassie is banned from the room. I'm hoping she "gets over" the excitement soon so that the pigs can join us around the house. So, the white one on the left is Daisy (Alana's) and Buttercup (Erin's) is on the right. I have to admit, for rodents, they're pretty cute!

I'm hoping life can get back to normal now for awhile! I think we're all looking forward to school and our normal routine tomorrow. My second and (hopefully) final curriculum order should be here tomorrow, so I'll spend a lot of the week organizing that.
Ok, I'm hoping to get in a quick nap (who knows how long it will take me to catch up from the last couple of weeks!) and then I'm gonna try to get in some "play" time. :) Hope your weekend was fun, restful and safe! Oh....and Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

But the day wasn't done...

After eating a quick dinner, we headed back up to Eau Claire where the Abram's had a hotel room at the water park. We've never been there, so didn't know what to expect. There was a lot to do. The kids could easily spend a day there...on a less exhausting day! :) So they had a ton of fun, plus we got to spend time with family we rarely see!


Finally! The "busy" of the summer is over! And we survived!

The girls had VBS (vacation Bible school) this past week, from 9-2:30. It was rough on the first day, but then they started to have more fun. Alana was dishing out hugs to the counselors on Friday so it obviously was a good thing! :)
Friday was a killer. After vbs was done on Friday, we quick ate lunch and then picked up all the kids to head up to Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls. Alana had two friends, Megan and Michael...and Erin brought Claire. I couldn't ask for a better/easier bunch of kids.
It was a HOT day, so the kids looked pretty droopy walking around looking at the animals. I was worried the party would be a flop. But we ended up at the fountain. Very cool! The kids jumped in with their clothes on and everything! They cooled off and had a blast!

Looking at this smile, I KNOW the party was a success! Alana is so tight with her "real" smiles...this one just makes me giggle.

We took a break in the water fun for a snack and presents, and then they were right back in. I'm SO glad the party was a success. I know Alana had a good time. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Down, One to Go.

Birthday parties, that is. August is jam-packed full of them at our house. We've got Erin, Barry and Alana...then my mom, Barry's sister, and my brother-in-law. And at least one friend of mine. Crazy.

So, Friday we had Erin's kid party. She didn't want to do anything special. Just wanted to invite 3 girls (only two could come) and play outside. Well, it rained all day...but I think they still had fun just hanging out, being silly. And have you ever seen a cake like this? Probably not. It's a "Crowell Original". :)
And yes, that's Erin's diabetes supplies right in front of the cake (good job clearing the clutter, Mom!). But, it is pretty fitting. Diabetes will forever dominate her year of 7. And it also symbolizes why she has a cheese & meat tray as a bday cake!

Here are the friends she invited...Claire and Emily...
I let Alana have a couple of friends over, too...Megan and Mckenna...Emilies that she wouldn't be bored. They had fun, too, I think.

Then Saturday we had the "Crowell" birthday parties at the Bloom's. My mom & dad were able to come and spend some time with us, so that was extra special. The "cake" for this party was our bean flour carrot muffin with cream cheese on top. Pretty good...if you've been without sugar for over 3 months!!!
I should mention that Alana also got her hair cut this past week, too, and also took off a few inches. She's trying to grow out her bangs (I think just to annoy her mother) so this new style helped to make the growing bangs less obvious. When she had it styled and stuff, I swear she gained a foot in height and about 4 years! You shoulda seen Barry's face when we got home! His little girl is growing up!

The girls have VBS this week (Vacation Bible School). It's a little difficult for them, not being used to loud & rowdy kids anymore. But they always like the camp counselors (college-age camp counselors from Luther Bible Camp). This year is a little stickier cuz of having to deal with shots and special food, but so far so good. Plus, it's my ONLY vacation all year! Yeah! Know what I did yesterday with my couple hours of freedom? Cleaned. Isn't that fabulous?!?! And today? Laundry and catching up on this blog. But it's looking up...really. Right now I'm gonna have some lunch, get my clean sheets off the line and back onto the bed, and then I'm gonna have me a little nap! :) Tomorrow? I'm scrapping! :)
Friday, after VBS, we are having Alana's party. We're going to a park in Chippewa falls...they have a petting zoo, fountains, hiking, etc. She's only bringing 2 friends, and Erin is bringing a friend, too. We've never been there, so our fingers are crossed! I'll be glad to be done with birthdays!!!!

It Finally Happened.

Of course, I had anticipated it when she was 2, 3, maybe even 4 or 5. But days from turning 8? Yep, she cut her own bangs. Right in the front. In the middle. THE most obvious place. Why? Cuz they were messed up (she just woke up). Duh. Yes, they were too long...because I had been asking her for weeks if I could cut her bangs and she kept saying no. Well, guess what? Now you ARE going in for a hair cut! I prepped her ahead of time, saying she might have to go shorter in order to "hide" it more.

And shorter she went! Kendra (my hair angel) had it to her shoulders, but Erin wanted shorter. And here she is! Adorable, isn't she?

It's Been Crazy...

Well, maybe not for most people. But I don't do "busy" well. I like boring and routine. :) Wow, I sound like a barrel of laughs, eh?

Ok, so we ushered in August as we always do, with the Buffalo County Fair. I hate the fair. I know, that's SO not something a small-town girl from Wisconsin should say, is it? But, when you LIVE a block away from the that you see, hear and smell all that comes with the me, life isn't so "funnel cakes and corndogs" anymore.

We started off, as usual, after dinner on Friday (after spending a couple of hours at the very empty pool - the best thing about the fair!). And of course, we started with the animals, complete with a pony ride. Soon after this, Erin complained that her face itched and she wanted to go home. This is when I notice her eyes are red and watery and her face is red & blotchy. And this is when I remember that she didn't shower after being in the pool (we think she's allergic to chlorine). This is total deja vu from last year...same day, even. So, Erin and I leave our front row parking spot (yes, we drove to the fair even though we live a block away. Why? Ask the lazy people I live with.) and run home for a quick shower and some Benadryl. She feels better, so I pack a snack and we head back...and park 3 blocks from the fair. Nice.

After they eat their snack...ummm, fair food is so totally NOT on our diet...they started on the rides. You can tell they're "growing up" cuz this year the faves were the tilt-a-wirl and the bumper cars.

Saturday morning we headed back over for the horse-pull. It was a nice, cool day and hardly anybody was there. That's the way I like it! Barry was bored (not a horse guy) but it held Erin's attention pretty well, and, of course, Alana was enthralled. Went back home for lunch, and then back to the fair after supper to finish up the ride tickets. Whew!