Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Month?

Seriously, I know it's been a long time...but a month???!! Actually, it's been more than a month. Wow. Time flies, eh? See, what happened is that I paid for a booth at a craft fair thingy in town here on Nov. 7. So, up until that day, all of my free time went into preparing for that. Then, after that day, I was just plain burned out. So, that's my excuse. :)

The craft fair thing wasn't so great. The organizer didn't advertise. Really. So, I guess my booth fee went right into her pocket. And those that did show up, just weren't interested in what I had to offer. I really thought that my prices would scare them off. But they weren't even stopping to look. Oh, well. I gave it the old college try. I still have no sales in my etsy shop. Of course, I STILL haven't advertised to friends and family. I know...loser. Here's a few of the Christmas cards I've put together...

It's been a while since he got it, but here's my hubby's buck. He got this with his's a 12 pointer, I believe. He's currently in the woods, as I speak, on the last day of gun hunting trying for another one. Tony got his on Friday (the picture will come on a later date) and his was a 10-pointer...pretty nice. Me? I'm just glad that hunting is over for the year as of sunset. :)

Back in time again, on the day of my craft fair, I had to have my mom & dad babysit the girls (thanks Mom & Dad!) cuz Barry was at the Gopher game with Tony. Tony had had his seat # called the week prior at a Gopher hockey game, and he won $50 from TCF Bank. Well, his name also got put into a drawing to participate in the TCF Bank/Cub Foods Goldy's Gridiron Challenge at halftime of a Gopher football game...his name was selected. So, he had to start at the 10 yard line, punt the ball, and from where that landed he had to throw the ball, and from where that landed he had to kick a field goal. Now, he's totally physically capable of doing this. But being a Crowell, he tends to get a little flustered under pressure (he gets that from his dad, not me!). So, I was a little worried. But....HE DID IT! He was the first person so far this year to do it. Cool, huh?! He won a $500 gift certificate from Cub Foods and a year's supply of Coke.
These pictures are out of order....this is Tony after he made the field goal.

This is him preparing to kick the field goal...

I like the sun in the background as he's shaking his fist in victory. :) Nice photography, Dad!
This is him getting ready to throw the ball...
Whooo hooo!!!!!!

And then, a week later, while he's still on top of the world, his nose was broken playing basketball. :) Yep, that's pretty much how life goes, eh? A week after that, he had his nose rebroken and a "cast" put on for a week. He was back to pretty this past week, though. :)
As for the girls, they've been busy practicing for the Extreme Christmas Musical at church in a couple of weeks. And last week they were given their Christmas carols to learn for their piano recital in December, too. Christmas might seem relaxing after the first half of December! Especially since I have no baking to do for Christmas. Although we lose out on a lot of enjoyment because of our limited food choices, it does cut down on a lot of work. And it serves to put our focus back on Christ, rather than our tastebuds.
Life is pretty good right now. Other than the girls being disappointed in the lack of snow. :) We are truly blessed, thankful to God for all he has given us.
Hope you all had a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!