Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our First Test

We had always sorta planned on sending Alana to visit her class for the Valentine's Day party. We had been signed up to bring a treat, and I thought it may be a good time for a visit. Partly, it was sort of a "I hope this will make you feel better as I pull you out of school" kinda thing.

On Monday, we got an email from her teacher saying she had gotten permission for Alana to visit all day, if she chose to. Of course, she did. I was SO nervous all week. I knew she'd have a good time....everyone would be very nice and welcoming to her....and then she'd want to go back. Lots of praying, I did....lots.

As I drove her to school, she said it was the best day of her life. Great.

I ended up taking Erin to the Valentine's Day dance they have for the Kindergarten thru 2nd graders at the end of the day....she was bored and missed Alana a lot. I knew she'd have a blast with her friends....and she did.

Alana, not so much. She was NOT happy to see me there with the camera. She hates least in front of people (gets that from her dad)...she just looked miserable. When we picked her up at her class, her "best friend" McKenzie started crying because Alana was leaving again. I told M that we'd have to set up a time for her to come over and play...I felt so bad for her. As we walked out, it was like being transported back in the Alana who went to public school. She was quiet, angry, sad, and wouldn't talk. We had to stop at the library... she wouldn't come in.

After about 5 minutes at home, she finally warmed up. I was convined she hated me and wanted to go back to school.

"Alana, are you mad at me?" "No."

"Did you have a good time?" "Yes. Except I hated the dance."

"Do you want to go back?" "No."

(Mommy does invisible happy dance) Yes!!!! Well, I must be doing something right, after all!