Sunday, August 16, 2009


Finally! The "busy" of the summer is over! And we survived!

The girls had VBS (vacation Bible school) this past week, from 9-2:30. It was rough on the first day, but then they started to have more fun. Alana was dishing out hugs to the counselors on Friday so it obviously was a good thing! :)
Friday was a killer. After vbs was done on Friday, we quick ate lunch and then picked up all the kids to head up to Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls. Alana had two friends, Megan and Michael...and Erin brought Claire. I couldn't ask for a better/easier bunch of kids.
It was a HOT day, so the kids looked pretty droopy walking around looking at the animals. I was worried the party would be a flop. But we ended up at the fountain. Very cool! The kids jumped in with their clothes on and everything! They cooled off and had a blast!

Looking at this smile, I KNOW the party was a success! Alana is so tight with her "real" smiles...this one just makes me giggle.

We took a break in the water fun for a snack and presents, and then they were right back in. I'm SO glad the party was a success. I know Alana had a good time. Happy Birthday, Baby!

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