Sunday, June 7, 2009

It rained on my parade....

Well, not exactly my parade...just my thrift sale that I've been planning for a couple of months. It was cold, too. By the end, I was a popcicle in need of a nap and cup of tea. The good news was that it also rained on my just-planted garden...and we made over $350, which considering I had zero moms with little kids come, was pretty impressive. We're still debating whether to give it another shot this weekend before donating. As long as it's all set up.....

Sadly, on Friday we were in Burnsville MN to say goodbye to my Great Grandma Louise. Although I was not close to her, I loved her deeply due to the love my mother had for her. She was a wonderful woman....a virtuous woman. If you're at all familiar with Proverbs 31, that was my grandma. But I makes it much easier knowing that she went home to her Lord happily and very willingly...she's in a much, much better place. These are the most recent pictures I have of her, taken in Aug of 2007 and 2008...but they are not how I will remember her. I will remember her sparkling blue eyes...her soft, French-accented voice...and loving smile.

Today is a cloudy, cold and windy day...rain is coming, I'm sure. A perfect day for a Sabbath! We have our first church softball game tonite...hopefully it won't rain. I have school prep to do today, hopefully some scrapping or card-making, and definately some reading...I have 3 new, fresh-from-the library books just screaming for me to climb in bed and read! I have "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" by Peter Walsh (the genius on Clean Sweep), "Christian Unschooling", and "God's Master Plan for Your Life" by Gloria Copeland (I've never read her before...). So, I have plenty to keep me busy today. I should do laundry and housecleaning, too, but I just may gratefully receive the Lord's gift of a Sabbath rest today! :)
Our summer schedule starts tomorrow with tball practice for both girls. Next week swimming lessons and soccer for Erin begin. We'll still have school...I do school year-round...but I do try to make it lighter and more fun. It keeps them from forgetting half of what they've learned...and it keeps the "I'm boooooorrrreeedddd's" at bay! :)
Happy Sunday and God Bless!

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