Sunday, March 18, 2012


This week we received an accepted offer on our house...that's been for sale for nearly 2 years. That's a LONG time. Hopefully, this is the end because, honestly, we're all a little out of juice. But, now the work begins. We still have no home to go to and lots of stuff to pack.

Yesterday we spent the day in Chetek looking at four houses. Two were nixed. Two remain contenders. Actually, one for me and one for hubby. :) They are nothing alike...kinda reminds me of a certain couple I know. :)

So here are a few pics of the house I want (at least until my mommy talks me out of it!)

It's a 1910 farmhouse on 20 acres with no visible neighbors. :)

Here is the kitchen taken from the dining room. The house is in 75% 1910 vintage and 25% 1970 vintage. I'm keeping the 1910 and leaving the 1970.

The kitchen sink/window. Love the stainless steel sink with seamless stainless drainboard sides! Barry hates the black hinges on the cupboards. I'm undecided on them but do love that they're painted white.

I'm really not sure what this sink area was for??? Any ideas. The first floor shower is directly behind it. Oh well, guess they call this "character".

The main floor bath...and where 1970 begins...

But hey, it's a main floor, full bath.

The laundry is in the main floor bath. But,'s on the main floor, right?

The entryway. Nice wallpaper, eh? Yes, this is part of the 70's addition. Like the closet though.

Does anyone else see their grandma's house? The paneling. The sweet swag lamps hanging from the beams. The green carpet. The floral furniture. The faux-brick fireplace.

At least it has a fireplace.

Other half of the living room. The door leads to the deck.

This is the "office". It'll work for the computer and a few school books.

The upstairs bath. I think it's cute. This is where the 1910 vintage takes over. :)

This is an open area at the top of the steps...being used currently as a sewing/crafting area. Yea!!!

Original wood floors. I know...I'm a nerd.

Love the original panel doors and black iron knobs. I I'm REALLY a nerd!

So, that's my house. Barry liked the 1980 ranch with nothing needing to be done on 5 acres. Boring. Can I add that MY house has 20 acres (including deer tracks and poop), a poleshed that will hold HIS truck and boat, is closer to work, AND is $20k cheaper. Hello???

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