Thursday, January 12, 2012

And so it begins...

I truly have nothing against playing sports. I played ball. I loved watching Tony play ball. I thought years ago that sports would be a big part of our lives. But our life has changed a lot over the past few years. God has replaced the world. Home has replaced school. I think way too much emphasis and time and importance is placed on kids sports. And they start so young! This is Erin's second year and she's in 4th grade.

But, she's loves playing ball. And the exercise is so good for her. As is working as a team. So I support it. I let her dad take her to practices...I think they should have special time together, as I'm with them 24/7. Saturday was their first game. Barry was the coach. I planned on sitting down and staying quiet. That didn't happen. Go figure. :) I was just helping. And my voice carries lots farther than Barry's. Go figure. :) went much better than we thought it would. Erin was... awesome. Fearfully so. Now we'll have to face decisions regarding school and sports, blah blah. For now, I'll relax and enjoy watching her play.

I'm still feeling tired. Apparently it's supposed to take a while and I need to learn patience. :) I saw the doctor again and had a LOT of blood sent to the lab. I should know most of the results by tomorrow, except for the test for celiac disease. That's a possibility that may be causing the iron absorption issue. So, I continue to rest and learn to delegate.

Not much else is going on. We had our first snow storm of the season last night and today. Finally, some snow. And cold. Nice.

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