Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad & Good

Sometimes in life, and more often, seemingly, in homeschooling, you just need to learn to take the bad along with the good. Alana was in one of her "moods" again this am. Yesterday, she had been a little lazy and hadn't finished all of her it got put into this am's folder, along with today's work. Well, by the time I was done with my "work" she was over the edge....crying, whining, accomplishing NOTHING! So, in one of my guilt-trip pouts (which usually occur when I'm being too mature to throw a temper tantrum myself) I say, "Fine. We'll send you back to school on Monday." It was an empty threat, of course, and luckily it didn't backfire. She started crying harder..."No, Mommy, I don't want to go back!" See, good....she likes homeschooling better than public. Bad...she still gets in those moods! :)

And you know how God just seems to know when you need him? And sometimes he doesn't answer your prayers in the way you ask him to, but He answers them just the same? I've been feeling discouraged, alone, lonely. Always questioning my ability to do this. Then a friend, Paula, who I luckily ran into at hubby's Christmas party (which I did NOT want to go to) puts me in touch with Julia, a 5-yr veteran of homeschooling. When I called her she was SO friendly and supportive...just what I needed. She's a keeper for sure!
And then last night, after a long day of school and a church meeting, when I usually read homeschooling books or Christian books, I decided instead to spend a few minutes with my "Organization for Scrapbookers" easy read. And there I found (well re-found) a spread featuring Kelli Crowe...a very talented scrapper AND a homeschooler! So, this am I did a search, found her blog,
and discovered another place for inspiration and encouragement. Yeah God!

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