Friday, April 27, 2012

Keeping Up

I'm not. Keeping up. I pretty much feel like life is whizzing by and I'm only getting a view of its behind. Our offer was accepted on that Jim Falls house. Our inspection is Monday and then it'll be done. We're sort of excited. I've started packing. I've begun preparing for a thrift sale next weekend. Once that's done I'll be in full-speed packing mode. I'm bound and determined to be organized and not get bit in the butt in the end. I'll have some help with that plan. First, the sellers have been gracious enough to allow us to use the detatched garage for storage, so we won't have to move EVERYTHING in one day. Second, my dear mommy is planning to come and stay with us the weekend before moving day. She'll be playing the role of "mom" so I can stay focused. Love my mom.

I'm moving, but I'm in denial about leaving. Mostly about leaving our church. They're family. Love them. Don't wanna leave them. Denial. It's also bittersweet to leave this small town that Barry & the girls have lived in their entire lives. It's comfortable. They know us at the library. And the pharmacy. At the Cenex. I need to take pictures of everything because the girls will forget. We'll need documentation of their early lives. It'll be easier to view this all as a new adventure once we're in the new place. Until then, it's really just leaving the only life we've known. Scary. And sad.

This is a depressing little post, eh? Sorry. I'm tired. I've been sleeping better lately...until last night. Just couldn't get back to sleep after the 2:30 test. And no nap. It's hard to sleep when you have a million "to-do's" milling around your brain. Everything from what to sell at the thrift sale, when to pack what, having to open a new email account and move all of my saved info over (what a pain!), how to get the new house ready, etc. Ugh. Throw in the lack of homeschooling that's been happening over the last couple of months and I'll have an ulcer pretty soon!

Obviously, this post isn't gonna get any more positive, so I should just go to bed. :) Thanks for listening to the senseless ramblings. Hopefully, I'll have pictures after our inspection Monday. We've only been through the house once. And we didn't actually think we'd buy it when we were we didn't retain many details. I'm excited to see what we're buying!!!

Until then...God Bless!

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